Thanksgiving Services in Western Massachusetts

Happy Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving Day

The story of the first Thanksgiving is one that most American’s know well in their hearts and minds. The pilgrims left England to escape religious persecution in the 15th century on the Mayflower. They came to settle in Plymouth, Massachusetts after 66 days sailing across the Atlantic. Plymouth is a coastal town in Massachusetts, south of Boston. It is the site of the first Pilgrim settlement, founded in 1620. The first known Thanksgiving celebration was first celebrated in 1621 when the Pilgrims and the local Wampanoag people sat down to celebrate the harvest. The first Thanksgiving celebration lasted 3 days and didn’t have all of the traditional Thanksgivings food that we eat today.

We here at Faith Finders know that this time of year can either bring great joy or be hard for those who may have lost family or friends. Thankfulness and compassion is at the heart of this time, and we don’t want to forget this. We’ve found different ways local churches in the Plymouth, Marshfield, Quincy and greater Boston area are giving back this time of year. Here are some of the ones we wanted to highlight for those who need a way to give back or Church community to be with this Thanksgiving.

Saint Margaret Parish of Boston
Boston, MA
Roman Catholic Mass
Thursday – November 24
Mass at 9:00 am
Start your Holiday off with your heart in the spirit of the holiday. If you’re in the Greater Boston area, make sure to stop by

St. Monica of Boston
Boston, MA
Catholic Church Volunteer Opportunity
Saturday - November 19
11:00 AM - 2 p.m
Giving back can be as rewarding as receiving, so why not help a local area church with a service opportunity. More details here:

Thanksgiving Day in America’s Hometown
Plymouth, MA
November 24, 9am-5pm
Celebrate with local actors as they reenact the pilgrims march from the shore line to the original site of the first church established by the Pilgrims. This reenactment will be followed by a worship service. See their website for more details.