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Please pray for me

by Hery Tianus

Dear faithfinder ministry please pray for me..i am Hery Tianus from medan city,indonesia..i am a victim of destiny breaker black magic curse.. I dunno how to break this curse after all..maybe there is someone who make a contract in the past with evil with our names in it..through ritual or something.. Whatever us do never prosper,our road way/door to success seems to be closed by dark power or entity and they are working in several group..i am so desperate about this..i pray but to no avail..everything goes in vain..yeah no answer i got from GOD..i already pray a long long time ago..till now.. I still struggling in the area of finance,love,relationship,etc I wanna open up a business but GOD never provide everything i need from supplier,trusted person,system and so on..i can't find the way.. I am already reached 30 this year and not yet found GOD's ordained spouse same with my brother Agus Tianus.. We shared the same fate..if only GOD can put a stop to this evil work upon our destiny..everything will be fine..but no one able to help us..please help us in we got everything we need in GOD's us in prayer..please help us..thank you..

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