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Alcoholic son with PTSD & physically abused by wife

by Sandra

Please pray for or son USMC Sgt Philip. He served 3 terms. Was in Carbomb explosion where most of his comrades were killed even beheaded in explosion. He came hime a hero with MANY AWARDS but now has become an alcoholic and his wife beats him up. Even broke his nose etc etc. We sent him to dual rehab and r still paying for it but it did not work. They have two young daughters in all this mess. We continue to work with him when he lets us. He can go a couple weeks however when he goes back home to his wife ends up starting over drinking and not eating for 6 days at a time. God spared him and has spared his life many times. He grew up in a remote Indian village as an MK. God must have something more for him. He is not truthful when asked if his wife is helping him together with the ptsd he says yes and takes up for her and that he deserves it when she beats him up. Once he pushed her off of him when she was on top og him biting etc and it broke her wrist. He just says it is all his fault he pushed too hard. Of course he got arrested. I heard ur prayer and tgat u pray. PZlease pray for our som Phillip his wife and family. THANKS. PLEASE KJEP PRAYING CONTINUALLY

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