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Healing, Financial Breakthrough, Deliverance, Restoration of my driving priviledges, current job assignment

by Scott Maker

Physical healing; I've been having pain and numbness in my legs, and I also have a diabetic condition and I need prayer for healing. I am also having minor stomach problems that I need prayer for healing

Emotional healing; I need prayer over oppression I've been experiencing, I need prayer for deliverance of bad thoughts, and anger management, more peace

Finances; I need prayer for my driving priviledges to be restored after over three years of taking public transportation, I'm limited to where I can work. I need a breakthrough in my finances

               I also need prayer for wisdom and guidance in my finances, please pray for God to open doors and lead me to the right resources, network and people that will help me get back on my feet

               I would like prayer for open doors in my business, and God's direction as well. I am looking to start/grow my business in financial education/literacy (looking to help people with their finances)

Direction; regarding finding my purpose and destiny, please pray for God to help me find my niche, I've been frustrated of being at a standstill for so long, and for God to open the right doors for me.

Job assignment; I'm facing a challenge at the job assignment I now have. Its only temporary, but I've been struggling with the content and been having a hard time and I need your prayers for God's help and strength

                        in getting through this assignment.

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