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My daughter submit her life to God

by Donna

My 17 year old (Madisen) has rejected her faithful Christian upbringing, opting for an open minded worldly view of life, gender, and faith. She has told us she is gay but would date a boy. She is celibate and is deathly afraid of intimacy and abandonment. She has Asperger's Syndrome, an autistic spectrum disorder, which makes navigating the social landscape difficult to begin with.  A boy at school whom  sheadmires and adores has admitted he has feelings for her. She admitted she has feelings for him too. He is a Christian boy and knows everything about her. They have been good friends for a while.I believe they discussed pursing dating. At first sh e was giddy, an very joyful. Then one day she began feeling scared and tormented by thoughts that she was going to get hurt or hurt him. She is convinced that the closer someone gets to her the more she wants to push them away. She calls it. 'Splitting'. She believes she intentionally hurts those she cares about and puts them through an emotional roller coaster of the more I want you the more I can't stand you..  So, she ended the relationship before it could ever begin.  I believe this boy was put in my dtr's life to challenge her beliefs and doubt.  Please pray with us that this boy (Jackson is his name)  not rely on his own understanding but would seek God for the answer  about what to do next.  Madisen was prophesied over as a baby that she would lead many to Christ through her song and her voice.  She loved the Lord genuinely as a child but became disillusioned with God's people as she grew uo. Her Asperger's  I had given he a very black and white, all or nothing outlook of the world. So we know Christian's aren't perfect.  We have bsent praying that God would arrest her as He did Saul on the road.  And then this happened. Thank you for this opportunity ask others to pray.

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