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A Third tumor, surgery, laid off, family far removed, offended at church!

by David C Mayo

I am a 42.5 yr old, divorced, disabled veteran. I was outed by my sister September 25, 2000, and my life as I once knew it was over. I was five months out of the military, after 5 years of honorable service. Fast forward about 17 years, I am broken, alone, alienated by my family, laid off, and about to have a third tumor from my left hip. I left Baptist 3.5 years ago for Missionary Baptist and I love the anointing and the platform of our Presiding Prelate. I am the odd man out because of my lifestyle choice. 

I am not out or flamboyant. I was a member of the choir, even tried to serve in other capacities; yet I continued to find myself on the defensive. A personality conflict with the male Minister of Music, a Prophetic First Lady, a choir member who came from another church, etc. The most disrespectful moment was Marriage Talk sunday, when a couple on the panel shared that a man was trying to interfere with their marriage. As I listened further, the context contained church and choir. Add the date, March 6, 2016, and the fact that my eldest aunt passed; it took a lot to get over that issue.

I have a third Large Osteochondroma of the Left Iliac crest (Growth plate). Two bone grafts for surgeries(1998&1999), two previous surgeries (December 16, 2016)(November 12, 2015); this will be the 5th procedure on my hip! I am facing homelessness again, with a $3245 eviction debt and $1225 electric bill. I require 6 weeks to recover, need a place for at home nursing care, home based physical therapy and occupational therapy. Please cover me in prayer.

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