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Please pray Dave Williams hears my heart.

by Debbie Persely Sabo

In my youth I almost married named Dave Williams. Instead I got railroaded into.marrying named.John. there are so many hurts I inflicted on Dave and his family over the years and so many things I can tell him now that i wasn't able to say then.Dave if you want the truth of.what happened as best as i have it.figured out please contact me. i love him still. I have been divorced ten years and have been wairing alone and faithful to dave almost thirteen years now, so I could give him what I failed him at most.... faithfulness. i long to ask hm if he would spread the corner of his garment over me. I am finding it hatd to hold onto hope. life has used me as a pinata too many times. please pray remember God loves us, both our families. please also pray for blwaainga on us and.our families. pleaae alao pray for God to.protect Dave and his family and for strengthen and.comfort Dave aa he serves the Lord he loves. also my mother julie ia going through cancer and I  having health difficulties and my car just got totalled and my stove caught fire but the smoke detectors didn't I have been sick for.over a year ans I am having troublw.caring needs and i  am in pain a lot. doctors are not helping. the Lord made a healing covenant with me several years ago. pleaae pray a pastor lays faith I cannot seem to summon in myself so that the Lord will finally fulfill it. thank you.

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